Anthony James D. Phil

Of Counsel

European Patent Attorney
Chartered UK Patent Attorney
University of Oxford, M.Sc., Chemistry
University of Oxford, D.Phil., Chemistry

Anthony holds undergraduate and doctoral degrees in chemistry from Oxford University.  His research at Oxford centered on electrode materials for lithium batteries.  After his studies at Oxford, he undertook research at the University of Texas at Austin, and then at AT&T (now Alcatel Lucent) Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey.  This research was in the fields of high temperature superconductor materials and cold fusion.  He has authored or co-authored 23 research papers (including 2 papers in Nature) before reluctantly retiring from research and taking up patent law. 

He joined a leading private practice in London, where he remained for 23 years.  For the last 15 years he was an equity partner with responsibility for a number of local and multinational clients.  His main areas of practice include mechanical and medical devices, medical materials, chemistry and food technology.  Some specific technical areas in which Anthony has worked in the mechanical field include surgical devices, medical equipment, packaging machines and coffee machines (including clamp arrangements, cup handling, automation, control algorithms, water pumping and heating).

He is highly experienced in providing strategic advice and in handling contentious matters before the EPO opposition divisions and boards of appeal.  But he remains a scientist at heart and likes nothing better than talking to scientists and technologists to understand and secure the best possible protection for their inventions.

He joined Maschio & Soames in October 2013 because he saw in it an opportunity to do top-class professional work in a dynamic and friendly smaller-firm environment.

Outside work, he enjoys hill walking, trail hunting, and model engineering.  Much of his free time is currently taken up as an unpaid science tutor to two teenage children.

Selected technical publications

A.C.W.P. James, S.M. Zahurak and D.W. Murphy “Superconductivity at 27K in T’ – Nd2CuO4-xFx” Nature vol. 338 pp. 240-241 (1989)

R.J. Cava, J.J. Krajewski, W.F. Peck, B. Batlogg, L.W. Rupp, R.M. Fleming, A.C.W.P. James and P. Marsh “Synthesis of Bulk Superconducting YBa2Cu4O8 at One Atmosphere Oxygen Pressure” Nature vol. 338 pp. 328-330 (1989)

A.C.W.P. James, J.B. Goodenough and N.J. Clayde “Structural and NMR Study of the Lithiated Defect Thiospinels LixCu0.07 Ti2S4” J. Solid State Chem. Vol. 77  pp. 356-365 (1988)

 A.C.W.P. James and J.B. Goodenough “Defect Thiospinels: A New Class of Reversible Cathode Material” J. Power Sources Vol. 26  pp. 277-283 (1989)