Tony Maschio PhD

European Patent Attorney 
Chartered UK Patent Attorney 
Imperial College, London, B.Sc., Microbiology
University College London, Ph.D., Biochemistry 

Tony has an enviable reputation in the patent profession with over 22 years of experience practicing in the Life Sciences and Medical Technology sectors.  Having worked as in-house counsel at Ciba-Geigy Ag and Novartis AG, in top-rated private practice firms and an international law firm, Tony is always aware of the commercial value of IP and the benefits and challeneges that it can bring to different clients.  Particular areas of interest are Molecular Biology and Immunology. He has worked with many companies and eminent scientists in this area including Sir Greg Winter, Sir Mark Pepys, Sir John Walker, Sir Aaron Klug and Cesar Milstein.  He also has particular expertise in acting before the European Patent Office in Opposition and Appeal proceedings.

One of Tony’s strengths is his ability to rapidly grasp technically demanding concepts.  Tony works in very complex areas of technology and is able to quickly get to grips with the relevant issues.  He readily deals with issues in a way that will maximise the protection for his clients.  One thing that you soon learn about Tony is that you always get an incisive answer to your IP question. 

The ability to rapidly grasp complex technical concepts is also combined with the ability to explain them eloquently to others – including members of the European Patent Office who rarely use English as their first language.  This makes Tony a strong opponent in Opposition proceedings where careful listening, quick thinking and technical understanding are essential if the best result for his clients is to be obtained.

His success has been recognised in the Legal 500 which stated “Tony Maschio is renowned for his biotech work”, and in The Lawyer, which noted that “he has the best biotech practice in the UK”.

Selected technical publications

Maschio A. et al. (1991) Transgenic mice carrying the guinea-pig alpha-lactalbumin gene transcribe milk protein genes in their sebaceous glands during lactation.  Bichem. J.  275 (Pt 2):459-67.

Recent legal publications

Deborah L. Lu, Ph.D., Antonio Maschio, Ph.D., Smitha B. Uthaman, Ph.D., and Thomas J. Kowalski co-author “Is Mayo v. Prometheus the End of Diagnostic Patents?” in Life Sciences Law and Industry Report 6, 845. 

speaking engagements

“Clearing the path to market”, speaker, 8th Annual European Antibody Congress, Geneva, Switzerland 2012.

   “Strategies for Maximising Patent Life Cycles” co-speaker Biotech & Pharmaceutical Patenting Conference, Munich, Germany, February 16 – 17, 2011.

“The Changing Requirements for Inventive Step in Europe,” co-speaker, 16th Forum (European Edition) on Biotech Patenting: Legal, Tactical and Practical Strategies for Protecting and Leveraging Your Portfolio, Munich, Germany, June 16 – 17, 2009.

“How to streamline IP strategy for dual US and European patent protection and enforcement,” speaker, BioTrinity 2009, Oxford, United Kingdom, April 2, 2009.

“Patent protection via epitope mapping,” co-speaker, 2nd Annual Recombinant Antibodies Conference, 22-23 January 2009.