Zoe Birtle

Zoë Birtle D.Phil

Associate Attorney


European Patent Attorney
Chartered UK Patent Attorney
University of Cambridge, M.Sc., Natural Sciences
University of York, MRes, Bioinformatics
University of Oxford, D.Phil, Bioinformatics

Zoë is a patent attorney specialising in all types of biological subject matter, including food technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, medical devices and gene sequences and their applications.

Zoë has over eight years of professional experience in the field of intellectual property and has experience working with a wide range of clients, from individuals through to start-up companies and multinationals. 

Zoe has dealt with filing and prosecution worldwide and is a specialist in dealing with the particular issues relating to products and process in the biotechnology field. In particular, Zoë has managed many large multi-jurisdiction patent families and co-ordinated prosecution and contentious issues across many countries.

Zoë also has extensive experience in assignments, name changes and IP acquisitions.

For several years, Zoë has co-ordinated the CIPA patent clinic, which is a monthly forum in the local library where members of the public may obtain free advice regarding IP issues.

Zoë attained a Masters in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, and Masters of Research from York University and a doctorate in Bioinformatics from Oxford University. Prior to joining Maschio & Soames IP Ltd, she worked in a large private practice in the UK.

In her spare time Zoë is a brownie leader. Zoë also plays in a local brass band, which competes with some success in national music competitions.

Selected Publications

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October 2012

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